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Living in LA: Presentations


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Muskaan Sandhu
Climate Change Explained

Learn more about what climate change is and its consequences. This presentation also includes ways you can help fight climate change and resources for you to learn more on your own.

Shrinidhy Srinivas
Climate Change Explained: For Kids

Want to explain climate change to kids? Use this presentation to break down the concept into simpler terms. This presentation includes resources for children as well. 


Maria Bajenov & Erin Cole
Los Angeles: Air Pollution and Health

Learn about air pollution and the impact it has on health. This presentation will also discuss how to reduce the impact of air pollution on your health and how to advocate for cleaner air.

Maria Bajenov & Erin Cole
All About the Air in LA!

Explain air pollution to kids in clear terms and teach them how to protect themselves from  health problems associated with air pollution. Show them how we can create cleaner air.


climate change.png
Jasmine Tzeng
Sun Exposure and Protection

Learn more about the good and bad sides of sun exposure. This presentations discusses how to protect yourself from the sun while still getting the healthy dose you need.

Jasmine Tzeng

Teach kids the benefits and dangers of sun exposure. Sun safety starts at a young age! Develop sun safety practices so that kids can protect themselves while they're out in the sun.

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