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healthcare accessibility: Presentations


Bruins Public Health
Long term healthcare 

Learn more about the long term healthcare available to students on campus. This resource includes both mental and physical care.


Bruins Public Health
contraceptives and testing

Find out where to get contraceptives and STD testing on campus! This presentation includes pricing with and without UCship so that you can make the best choice when getting care.

Iris Yang
Menstrual products

Need a period product on campus? This mini presentation will tell you where to get period care and the laws that helped make menstrual products widely available and accessible on campus.

Bruins Public Health
Family planning in la

Learn what family planning is and how to access this service in Los Angeles. This presentation includes locations of clinics that offer services to eligible Los Angeles residents. 

Sofia Vartanian
breaking stigmas

Learn about hepatitis A and B and human papilloma virus (HPV) and how to protect yourself from these diseases. Education helps break the stigma around STIs!

Bruins Public Health
Sexual/women's health

Learn about the chain of infection and contraceptives! You will learn about different diseases and how to access contraception and sexual health care at UCLA.

campaign launch womens _edited.jpg
Marie Bedgone
Condoms on campus

Learn about the different locations on campus that gives out condoms. Find out what their cost differences and availability are!

sexual advocacy.png
Amreen Sandhu
sexual health advocacy

Want to help improve sexual healthcare for everyone? Check out this mini presentation to learn about different ways YOU can get involved in change.


Bruins Public Health
Mental health in college students

Take a look at some alarming statistics that show the mental health crisis on college campuses. This mini-presentation looks at data pre- and post pandemic.

mental health college students.png
Bruins Public Health

Get introduced to what RISE is and the services  they offer students. Location and contact information are included in this presentation for further information.

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