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Our Campaigns

Throughout the years, Bruins Public Health has campaigned for a variety of public health issues, such as environmental health and women's health. We are dedicated to spreading awareness about public health crises and finding solutions to create healthier communities.

The Importance of Public Health

One of the core values at Bruins Public Health is education around current public health issue. Members are dedicated to learning about the public health crises that affect different communities and the actions that can be taken to help these communities improve their health.

At Bruins Public Health, our mission is to share the information we learn about public health issues to the UCLA and greater Los Angeles community. We believe that spreading awareness about public health crises is the first step towards change. Our members are encouraged to make change through campaigns that promote solutions to public health crises.

Community health is closely correlated with personal health, so everyone is affected by public health crises. Staying aware is the number one way to keep yourself and everyone around you safe. Click on the buttons to learn more about our different campaign issues.

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